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Silk Sarees


SILK SAREES, Dharmavaram: A Rich Cultural Legacy since decades in Sri Satya Sai District, Andhra Pradesh State



Dharmavaram Silk Saree is one of the most exquisite Textile of Andhra Pradeshsince 100 years. The silk sarees comeswith contrasting/rhythmic colour combinations, made of broad-pallu, gold-zariwhich is made on bamboo and steel reeds, quality silk yarn and Zariused with quality dyeing. The weavers used jacquards of 240 hooks/480 hooks to make the saree unique and attractive. Thesesilk sarees comeswith a variety of ethnic designs like elephant,peacock,lotus and other designs and ritualistic motifs which impart an elegant look to the sarees. Modern day Dharmavaram sarees are embellished with heavy stone work. Some of the famous types of Dharmavaram sarees are, Kalanjali, Evening/Morning, Brocade,Lakshadeepaalu,which are high demand in Sout India market. Price ranges from Rs.10,000/-to Rs.1,00,000/-. The sarees are available in about 15 colour combinations. Based on the uniqueness of the Saree, Dharmavaram Silk Saree was certified with the Geographical Indication Mark by the Government of India in the year 2014.


One District One Product Initiative: Product list, Action plan Report

The recognition of Silk Sarees especially of Dharmavaram Town under One District One product’ concept highlights the significant role it plays in Trade and Industrywith almost everyhousehold involved in producing silk sarees.  To support Handloom/Silk Industry, Government has taken several initiatives to provide financial assistance@Rs.24000/- per weaver house hold for modernization of loom and loom equipment under YSR NethannaNestham scheme, provide pensions to weavers above 50 years, Mudra Loans etc to weavers. One such initiative involves imparting training in Weaving, dyeing and designing through Block level cluster scheme and to provide looms/jacquards/lifting machines for up-gradation of looms/accessories of the handloom weavers/workers at 90% Subsidy so as to improve quality of the fabric and productivity and to reduce drudgery. Several innovative designs were made by qualified and experienced Designers of Dharmavaram to make the silk saree appealing and attractive.

Sl.No. Picture of the Sarees Variety of Saree Price of the product
1 1, Morning/Evening 2+2 Brocket saree Rs.12,500/-
2 2. Morning/   Evening Kuttu Brocket




3 3. Morning/   Evening Silver ZariEmboji Brocket



4 3. Morning/Evening   Zari Warp Brocket





5 4. Big Border Emboji   Brocket




Conduct of Awareness Programme on various welfare Schemes for weavers

Conduct of Awareness Programme on various welfare Schemes for weavers

Conduct of Awareness Programme on various welfare Schemes for weavers

Details of District Nodal Officer, Nodal Department and Dedicated team for ODOP:


Dedicated Team

District Handlooms and Textiles Officer :R.Ramesh

Development Officer:

Asst.Dev.Officer : Y.Rajeswari

Dedicated helpline or call center/support desk for ODOP

District Handlooms & Textiles Officer: 9866727042

Development Officer: 8331920922, 

Assistant Development Officer: 9581501365

List of activities being undertaken by district administration under ODOP initiative

The Government is actively involved in supporting the growth, development and welfare of the Weavers in Sri Satya Sai district through various initiatives.

The District Administration has also celebrated National Handloom Day in a grand manner on 7th August,2022. The District Collector has flagged off a Rally of Handloom weavers on Handloom Day and also inaugurated an Exhibition of Handloom/ Silk products at Chaitanya International Hotel, Puttaparthy. Eminent Handloom weavers and Designers were felicitated by the District Collector at a function organized at the Collectorate,  Puttaparthy.

Details of ODOP sensitization workshop being conducted for current stakeholders and next generation stakeholders

The Department of Handlooms & Textiles, Sri Sathya Sai District have organised two ODOP sensitization workshop at Dharmavaram in April & May,2023 to weaver cooperatives, Handloom Merchants of Dharmavaram.

8. List of mentors registered with District to provide mentorship to beneficiaries:

1 J.Nagaraju Designer 9848385840  
2 C.Markandeya Master   Trainer 9290778344  
3 T.Anjaneyulu Master   Trainer 9989871706  

Details by account Holders of all transactions (Sales)

Master Weavers are providing marketing facilities to the Dharmavaram Silk Sarees and the Annual sales are approximately Rs.1197450000.Lakhs.

Mentorship support available, with clear laid out procedures to avail the same:

Name of   the
Name and address
      of the Master Weaver
Contact   Information No.of   looms
      engaged by
      Master Weaver
Type of   
     Varieties Produced
      Mark Regd. No.
     ( lakhs) during 2022-23
2022-23 Sales ( Rs. In   Lakhs Loans,
      if any availed
      of Yarn subsidy
      availed from NHDC
Export Local
1 Sri Satyasai N   Muthyalappa,26-177-7, LCK Puram (N   Muthyalappa Building) 9700763600 10 Silk Sarees No 5.80 0 5.20 NO NO  
2 Sri Satyasai Beere   Prasad,25-585-1-6,7,8,9,10, P S Nagar,(Beere Prasad Building ) 9866346656 30 Silk Sarees No 215.00 0 210.00 NO NO  
3 Sri Satyasai M   Pedda Kullayappa,25-643-14-15, PS Nagar-2 8106666819 16 Silk Sarees No 12.00 0 11.50 NO NO  
4 Sri Satyasai Gaddam   Srinivasulu,25-542-9 PS Nagar-2(Gaddam Srinivasulu Building (Unit 1)) 9581849999 16 Silk Sarees No 153.00 0 145.00 NO NO  
5 Sri Satyasai Sankara   Lingamaiah,25-536-4,5, PS Nagar-2(Sankara Lingamaiah Building) 9550818615 25 Silk Sarees No 208.00 0 194.00 NO NO  
6 Sri Satyasai Dasari Ranganayakulu,25-619-7, PS Nagar,(Dasari Ranganayakulu Building) 9440779191 20 Silk Sarees No 180.00 0 160.00 No No  
7 Sri Satyasai Gaddam   sreenivasulu,27/113, Parhasarathi nagar-2 958184999 26 Silk Sarees No 224.00 0 208.00 No No  
8 Sri Satyasai G. Eswraiah SREE JANAKI HAND LOOMS, DHARMAVARAM 9440926496 29 SILK   SAREES No 178.00 0 155.00 No Yes  
9 Sri Satyasai SUNITHA   HAND LOOMS, DHARMAVARAM 9440944232 25 SILK   SAREES No 152.00 0 130.00 No Yes  
10 Sri Satyasai Y.VENKATESH,   DHARMAVRAM (Y.A.LAKSHMI SAREES) 9392388488 36 SILK   SAREES No 181.00 0 155.00 NO NO  
11 Sri Satyasai BASIREDDYSUBBAREDDY,Shanthinagar,Dharmavaram(Dharmavaram Silk Sarees) 9440714871 70 SILK   SAREES No 540.00 0 482.00 NO NO  
12 Sri Satyasai KundaMeenakshaiahDharmavaram 9440984159 200 SILK   SAREES No 1152.00 0 980.00 NO NO  
13 Sri Satyasai SandaRaghava Handlooms,Dharmavaram 9885506872 180 SILK   SAREES No 1036.00 0 860.00 NO NO  
14 Sri Satyasai Nataraj,ShivanagarDharmavaram 9553020544 30 SILK   SAREES No 172.00 0 145.00 NO NO  
15 Sri Satyasai Gaddam   Srinivasulu, Parthasaradhi Nagar, Dhrarmavaram 95818499 99 200 SILK   SAREES No 1145.00 0 935.00 NO NO  
16 Sri Satyasai Anupalli Silks, #29/69, Sivaramanagar, Dharmavaram 9440511350 20 SILK   SAREES No 170.00 0 135.00 NO NO  
17 Sri Satyasai Jinka   Ramanjineyulu Handlooms, Santhi nagar Dharmavaram 9848732203 400 SILK   SAREES NO 2500.00 0 2300.00 NO NO  
18 Sri Satyasai Ganjikunta   Sridhar Babu Handlooms, Dharmavaram 9966000369 50 SILK   SAREES NO 312.00 0 260.00 NO NO  
19 Sri Satyasai Madhava   Subramanya Handlooms, Dharmavaram 9849833077 150 SILK   SAREES NO 880.00 0 685.00 NO NO  
20 Sri Satyasai Beere   Prasad Handlooms, Dharmavaram 9866346656 50 SILK   SAREES NO 295.00 0 255.00 NO NO  
21 Sri Satyasai Pamisetti   Balakrishna Handlooms, Dharmavaram 9894815956 40 SILK   SAREES NO 270.00 0 225.00 NO NO  
22 Sri Satyasai Ukkisala   Govindu Handlooms, Dharmavaram 7780100880 150 SILK   SAREES NO 865.00 0 690.00 NO NO  
23 Sri Satyasai BVR   Srinivasulu Handlooms, Dharmavaram 9440288960 36 SILK   SAREES NO 245.00 0 210.00 NO NO  
24 Sri Satyasai Bodagala   Sankaraiah Handlooms, Dharmavaram 9640900566 20 SILK   SAREES NO 160.00 0 145.00 NO NO  
25 Sri Satyasai H.N.Chandra   Sekhar Reddy, Hindupur 9701875836 40 SILK   SAREES NO 260.00 0 245.00 NO NO  
26 Sri Satyasai M.Ajay   Kumar, LCK Puram,Dharmavaram 9441123541 15 SILK   SAREES NO 145.00 0 135.00 NO NO  
27 Sri Satyasai Manjunatha,Dharmavaram   25 SILK   SAREES NO 195.00 0 180.00 NO NO  
28 Sri Satyasai B.Siddama   Nayudu, Dharmavaram 9398233046 30 SILK   SAREES NO 170.00 0 144.00 NO NO  
29 Sri Satyasai Y.Lingamayya,   Dharmavaram 8309878890 20 SILK   SAREES NO 175.00 0 162.00 NO NO  
30 Sri Satyasai C.Manjunath,   Dharmavaram   25 SILK   SAREES NO 186.00 0 167.00 NO NO  
31 Sri Satyasai P.Chandra   Sekhar, Dharmavaram   15 SILK   SAREES NO 144.00 0 131.00 NO NO  
32 Sri Satyasai P.Mallikarjuna,   Dharmavaram   18 SILK   SAREES NO 165.00 0 154.00 NO NO  
33 Sri Satyasai P.Vasu,   Dharmavaram   12 SILK   SAREES NO 135.00 0 120.00 NO NO  
34 Sri Satyasai C.Jayachandra,   Dharmavaram   12 SILK   SAREES NO 126.00 0 105.00 NO NO  
35 Sri Satyasai G.Anjineyulu,   Dharmavaram   15 SILK   SAREES NO 140.00 0 125.00 NO NO  
36 Sri Satyasai P.Viswanath,   Dharmavaram   20 SILK   SAREES NO 170.00 0 160.00 NO NO  
37 Sri Satyasai Babu   Janu Basha, Dharmavaram   15 SILK   SAREES NO 135.00 0 120.00 NO NO  
38 Sri Satyasai D.Raju,   Dharmavaram   8 SILK   SAREES NO 5.20 0 4.80 NO NO  
39 Sri Satyasai SRI   KAMAKSHI SILKS,Dharmavaram   30 SILK   SAREES NO 165.00 0 155.00 NO NO  
40 Sri Satyasai Malleswri   Silk cottage and Handlooms 9440830328 25 SILK   SAREES NO 139.00 0 128.00 NO NO  
41 Sri Satyasai Malleswari   Handlooms 9440830328 20 SILK   SAREES NO 69.00 0 58.00 NO NO  
Total 2174     13775.00 0.00 11974.50      
  • The Development Officers and Assistant Development Officers of Handlooms and Textiles Department are regularly supervising the weavers and Weavers Cooperative Societies and create awareness programmes on welfare schemes implementing by the State and Central Governments. And they are trying hard to enhance their wages and to upgrade the livelihood of the weavers.
  • Conduct of Skill up-gradation programmes in weaving, dyeing, designing etc. to the Weavers in the Dharmavaram Silk Sareeswill be conducted under SAMARTH (Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector). Under NHDP, financial assistance @ Rs.300/- per day/per trainee shall be provided as wage loss compensation for training under SAMARTH. The wage loss compensation shall be released to WSC under skill up-gradation programme.

The Development Officers and Assistant Development Officers of Handlooms and Textiles Department will supervise the implementation of training programme under SAMARTH scheme.


Funding support available, with clear laid out procedures to avail the same

Under Weaver MUDRA scheme” every eligible weaver the service area Bank canbe sanctioned loan initially from Rs.50,000/- to  Rs.2, 00,000/- and the weaver is eligible to get Margin Money upto 20% of the loan or Maximum Rs.25, 000/-  whichever is less and interest subvention @6% to 7% from Govt. Of India on receipt of the claims from the Banks concerned. Punjab National Bank is the Nodal Agency for the scheme.During the last financial year(2022-23) 748 weavers availed  Mudra loans for an amount of Rs.737.92 lakhs.