ODOP initiate is aimed at manifesting the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to foster balanced regional development across all districts of the country.

The idea is to select, brand, and promote one product from each district of the country for enabling holistic, socio-economic growth across all regions.

For Sri Sathyasai District the following two Products are identified under ODOP initiative.



Leather Puppetry Craft is a very ancient craft in the State of Andhra Pradesh. This Craft is about 1500 years old traditional craft. A group of families that came to the state of Andhra Pradesh from the state of Maharashtra region 1000 years ago, started their living activities here itself and over a period of 700 years ago. They were settled in the village of Nimmalakunta under the District Sri Sathyasai (Formerly Ananthapuramu District), the main village of Leather Puppetry Craft Cluster in Nimmalakunta village. About 250 families live in this village and around 350 artisans are practicing Leather Puppetry craft. Andhra Pradesh Leather Puppetry is a GI registered craft.Total annual production in respect of Nimmalakunta leather Puppet is around 4 crores.


Out of above two products, Dharmavaram Silk Sarees are selected under “ONE DISTRICT ONE PRODUCT” for   Sri Sathyasai District.



Dharmavaram is eminent throughout the country for its elegant silk sarees. The town is situated at a distance of approximately 40 km from Puttaparthy town  in the district of Sri Sathyasai in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. Its silk weaving industry has made the Town renowned not only in India, but throughout the world.

Dharmavaram is a small town of rich handloom cluster is situated in the District of Sri Sathyasai of Rayalaseema region in A.P. A humble beginning with nearly 100 families in and around Dharmavaram village, has now grown into more than 28,000 Weaver families in Sri Sathyasai and Rayalaseema districts.

In the year 1153-54 AD, a person named Kriya shakthi Vodavaru Swamy had got a village constructed on the banks of Chitravathi river. To commemorate his mother Dharmamba, he named the village after her as Dharmavaram. In course of time, in 1569 to 70 AD the Dharmavaram reign passed on to the hands of the Hande dynasty from Vijayanagara rulers.

As per the records in 1895 AD, there were 172 Handlooms (both wool and cotton). By the year 1919, the population of Dharmavaram had grown to 7386. Handloom weaving has been the main stay in the village by then. As the years rolled by, silk handloom weaving occupied a predominant position in Dharmavaram.

(Source: Dharmavaram Charitram by Seeripi Anjaneyulu, printed by Andhra Patrika Mudrakshara Shala, Chennapuri, Year 1918).

An excerpt from DIGITAL SOUTH ASIA LIBRARY, Imperial Gazetteer of India, v.11,p.299,300, from Meyer, William Stevenson, Sir, 1860-1922, et al. Imperial  gazetteer of India. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1908-1931. References of Dharamavaram therein have been made “to a thriving silk industry and market way back in late 19th Century.

Evidence of origin of Dharmavaram sarees can also be found in the roof wall paintings of Lepakshi Temple near Hindupur. Besides, there are a total of 280 designs in the temple constructed during the year 1522 to 1538 AD. A place called Latha Mandapam is situated in Lepakshi wherein 36 rock pillars have 144 unique designs of Dharmavaram sarees.

The Product:



Dharmavaram Sarees are essentially made of pure mulberry silk, with elaborate Zari work woven on them in resplendent colors. The characteristic Dharmavaram saree has broad solid colour borders with intricately woven brocaded gold border. It is eco-friendly, highly durable and enhances the grandeur and aura of the lady wearing it in social functions. Though worn in all weather conditions, it is better suited for cool or cold climate. It is most appropriate for grand functions. Designs on the pallu and body of saree largely represent flora and fauna as also traditional legends of the country. Leaf, Flower, Fruit, animals and bird designs are largely incorporated in Dharmavaram sarees. More recently the weavers have improvised the weave of the zari to include various contemporary themes as seen in the pictures below. Peacock and Parrot designs are however the most popular and most traditionally used. The semi-arid tropical climate and the quality of water contribute to the color fast nature of the yarn during production.

Different combinations of workmanship on the saree are possible

  1. a) One side Kuttu Saree
  2. b) Double side Kuttu Saree
  3. c) One side self Saree
  4. d) Double side self Saree
  5. e) One side semi contrast Saree
  6. f) Double side semi contrast Saree
  7. g) Evening and morning brocade saree
  8. h) Tape border saree

(*Kuttu: A joining between the border and the body of the saree)










  • Dharmavaram Handloom Silk Sarees and Silk Pavadas are exclusively made of mulberry silk woven by hand.
  • Presence of zari is a must in Dharmavaram silk sarees and pavadas. This adds to elegance and grandeur of the textile.
  • Half fine (or twisted) quality zari obtained exclusively from Surat, Gujarat is only used in manufacture of the instant GI. The zari for borders is used in warp and for pallu and body zari is used in weft. Green, silver and pink coloured zari also used.
  • Every Silk saree and Pavada of Dharmavaram shall invariably consist of Zari ranging between 15% and 50% of the total weight and area of saree or pavada.

The zari used for Borders, pallu and body designs of the Dharmavaram handloom pattu saree and pattu pavada is half fine or tested zari. Sarees generally bright and resplendent available in all colours and combinations.


  Saree: 5.5 meters + 90 cms (blouse) ie., length with blouse; width-46inches to 50 “inches.: Weight-750 gms to 1400 gms.

  Paavada– Width can vary from 20 to 45 inches Length 1.5 mts To 4.0 mts. Weight- from 150 gms. To 600 gms.

Sl.No Product Name Yarn   specification Saree   specifications
1 Dharmavaram   Saree Yarn   : Pure Silk Picks/Inch   : 72-80
Warp X Weft : Border   :
18/20sX18/20s Denier (2 ply) Pure   zari, Half fine zari,
20/22sX20/22s Denier(2 ply) Dyed   Yarn
22/24sX22/24s Denier(2 ply) Cross   Border :
Length : Pure   Zari, Half fine Zari,
5.5 Mtrs + Dyed   Yarn
90 cm blouse Designs   :
Width : 46/50 inches Pure   Zari, Half fine Zari,
Reed : 120s / 110s / 100s /   92s Dyed   Yarn
2 Dharmavaram   Silk Paavadas Yarn specification:20inches to 45 inches Yarn:   Pure silk Picks/inch:   72 – 80
Warp X Weft: Border:
18/20sX18/20s Denier (2 ply) Pure   zari, Half fine zari
20/22sX20/22s Denier(2 ply) Dyed   yarn
22/24sX22/24s Denier(2 ply) Cross   Border:
Length: Pure   zari, Half fine zari
1.5 mtrs to 4.0mts Dyed   yarn
Blouse: 40 cms. To 90 cms. Designs:
Width: 20 to 45 inches Pure   zari, Half fine zari
Reed: 92s and 120S Dyed   yarn


Dharmavaram Silk Saree

Dharmavaram Silk Saree

Dharmavaram Silk Paavadas

Dharmavaram Silk Paavadas











                                                                                        Flow Chart of Dharmavarm Silk Handloom Weaving Process


flow chart



                                                      Diagrammatic Representation of Dharmavarm Silk Handloom Weaving Process



Promotion of activities done through District/State/other social media website tagging ODOP handle (including promotional activities in vernacular languages):


The District Administration has promoted the Dharmavaram Silk Sarees through social media (WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter(X)). The Weavers were registered in WhatsApp, Instagram Apps and promoted their Products.

State ODOP Handles 








List of Sellers who are promoted their products through WhatsApp


Name   of the Seller   
Phone   No.   
P.Vamsi   Krishna   


  • ID:



  • ID: dharmavaramsaree




  • ID: Dharmavaram Sarees


  • ID: Dharmavaram silk sarees 



APCO Website:

Product & Weaver Story through News Paper: Paper cuttings related to product and Weaver

J.Nagaraju,Designer and Master Weaver from Dharmavaram of Sri Sathya Sai District has owen a huge Silk Saree measuring 180 ft in length and weighing 16 Kgs depicting 400 images of the story of Ramayana in the form of pictures. The words Jai Sriram in 13 languages was inscribed 32,000 times on the Saree. The Saree is an ample testimony to the skill of Weavers and Designers of Dharmavaram. Cotton, Silk,Linen, Banana yarn and Silicon were used for the Saree and Gold,Silver, Copper and Pink colour Jari added exuberance to the finished product.

nagaraju design saree




handloomday press clipping

News Paper clipping about  the celebrations of  the Handloom Day at Collectorate, Sri Sathyasai District on 07.08.2023. The District Collector inaugurated a  Exhibition of Handloom products on the occasion and the District Collector and  District Officials  released a Poster on the benefits of wearing Handloom.



News Article about the two families from Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh’s Sri Satya Sai district have woven the 60-metre-long pure silk saree weighing 16 kg over a period of four months


                                                                     News Article published on Dharmavaram Silk Sarees


Exhibitions conducted/participated

In order to achieve the remunerative prices for weavers and to create the brand value of Dharmavaram Sarees and Handloom clothes, the Office of the District Handlooms and Textiles Officer, Sri Sathya Sai District has deputed Societies/Participants to sell the Dharmavaram Silk Sarees in Expos.


Sl. No. Name of the   Exhibition Exhibition   period Name of the   Industry / Firm / Company
1 2 3 4
1 Exhibition-cum-sale at Vijayawada 07.08.2023 to 20.08.2023 1.Sri   Balaji Cotton & Silk Handloom Weaver’s Co-operative Society Ltd.,   O.W.No.74, Mudireddy palli, Hindupur(M), Sri Sathyasai District
2. Sri Nataraj SWCS, ARS No.247, Dharmavaram, Sri Sathyasai District.
Sudrashana SWCS Ltd., Dharmavaram
Sri Lokeswari SWCS Ltd., Dharmavaram
2 Handloom Exhibition-cum -sale, Nigamagam,Sri   Nagar colony,Hyderabad 27.10.2023 to 02.11.2023 1.   Lakshmikala Cotton & Silk Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd., Dharmavaram.
2.Sri Lakshi Venkateswara Silk Handloom Weaver   Co-operative Society Ltd.,Dharmavaram
3 State   Handloom Expo at Tirupathi 20.12.2023   to 02.01.2024 Sri   Lakshi Venkateswara Silk Handloom Weaver Co-operative Society   Ltd.,Dharmavaram
4 Handloom   Exhibition-cum-sale at Peoples Plaza, Hyderabad 10.01.2024   to 23.01.2024 Sri   Balaji Cotton & Silk Handloom Weaver’s Co-operative Society Ltd.,   O.W.No.74, Mudireddy palli, Hindupur(M), Sri Sathyasai District
5 Handloom/Handicraft   Expo at Hindupur, Sri Sathyasai District conducted by KVIC 08.03.2024   to 17.03.2024 Resham   Khadi Gramodyog Sanghamu,Dharmavaram
6 Bharath   Tex-2024 at New Delhi. 26.02.2024   to 29.02.2024  
 Gaddam Srinivasulu, Dharmavaram
7 Silk   Fab, Bhubaneswar 05.09.2023   to 18.09.2023 APCO
8 Silk   Fab, Jamshedpur 28.09.2023   to 11.10.2023 APCO
9 Silk   Fab, Lucknow 20.10.2023   to 05.11.2023 APCO


        Participation of Sri Balaji Cotton & Silk Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd., Hindupur in Handloom Exhibition-cum-Sales at Peoples Plaza, Hyderabad


KVIC has conducted Expo at Hindupur from 08.03.2024 to 17.03.2024, Resham Khadi Gramodyog Sanghamu, Dharmavaram has participated in the Expo and displayed ODOP Product

Bharat tex gaddam srinivasulu

Gaddam Srinivasulu (Entrepreneur), Dharmavaram has participated and displayed ODOP Products in the Stall in Bharath Tex-2024 Programme at New Delhi, conducted by Ministry of Textiles, Government of India


Lokeswari swcs expo

Sri Lokeswari SWCS Ltd., Dharmavaram has participated in Exhibition-cum-sale at Vijayawada from 07.08.2023 to 20.08.2023 and displayed ODOP Product

Lakshmi venkateswara swcs expo

Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara SWCS Ltd., Dharmavaram has participated in State Handloom Expo at Tirupathi from 20.12.2023 to 02.01.2024 and displayed ODOP Product


                                                   Dharmavarm Silk Sarees displayed for Sale in APCO Stall at Silk Fab, Bhubaneswar


                                                                        Dharmavarm Silk Sarees displayed for Sale in APCO Stall at Silk Fab, Jamshedpur


                                                                          Dharmavarm Silk Sarees displayed for Sale in APCO Stall at Silk Fab, Lucknow


Onboarding of Handloom Products on GeM Portal:


Screenshot of GeM Registration of Lakshmidevi Silk WCS, Dharmavaram



                                                                      Screenshot of GeM Registration of Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Chenetha Sangham, Hindupur

Officer In-charge of the ODOP Activities:

 Name: Sri Ramesh

DHTO/Assistant Director (H&T),

Sri Sathya Sai District

Mobile Number:9866727042

Officer In-charge of the ODOP Activities for Leather Puppets: 



Sri D.A.Srinivas,



Manager, Lepakshi,Ananthapuramu



   98499 00942

Dedicated ODOP Team: details:

1.Name: Sri K.V Ramana Reddy,

Development Officer (H&T),

Mobile Number: 8331920922.

2.Name: Sri P. Eswaraiah,

Assistant Development Officer (H&T),

Mobile Number: 8185881331.

Dedicated ODOP Team details for Leather Puppets:

Name : Sri D.A.Srinivas,

Designation: Manager, Lepakshi, Ananthapuramu

Mobile Number:9849900942

Helpline number & e-mail ID for ODOP Beneficiaries:

DHTO Name & Mobile Number:     Sri R.Ramesh ,9866727042

District official mail

.tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px; overflow:hidden;padding:10px 5px;word-break:normal;} .tg th{border-color:black;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px; font-weight:normal;overflow:hidden;padding:10px 5px;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-cly1{text-align:left;vertical-align:middle} .tg .tg-wa1i{font-weight:bold;text-align:center;vertical-align:middle} .tg .tg-nrix{text-align:center;vertical-align:middle}                                Beneficiaries who received assistance under various Schemes

Sl. Name of the Scheme No. of beneficiaries 2023-24 Remarks
1 YSR Netanna Nestham 15309 Govt. of Andhra Pradesh is   providing financial assistance of Rs.24,000/- per annum to every family who   owns a Handloom to modernize their equipment and compete with the Powerloom   sector.
2 YSR Pension Kanuka 15658 Weavers who have completed (50)   years of age is provided monthly pension of Rs.3000/- through Village/ Ward   Secretariats.
3 Weaver MUDRA Scheme 698 The Govt. of India is   implementing PM MUDRA for providing adequate and timely assistance @   Rs.50,000/- to Rs.2,00,000/-from the Banks at concessional interest rate with   Margin Money Assistance @ 20% of loan amount subject to maximum of   Rs.25,000/- per individual Handloom Weaver.
4 Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi   Bima Yojana, 587 It is an insurance scheme   offering life insurance cover for death, due to any reason.The sum assured is   Rs.2,00,000/-.
5 Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima   Yojana 571 It is an insurance scheme   offering accidental insurance cover for death or disability. The sum assured   is Rs.2,00,000/- in case of accidental death.
6 Raw Material Supply Scheme 100 National Handloom Development   Corporation (NHDC) is supplying    quality yarn to the eligible Handloom weavers at subsidized rates @15%   of Yarn price.
Total 32,923

Dharmavaram Silk Saree has GI Tag and the pictures of the product range are given below:

GI Tag Certificate


Pictures of the product range are given below:


16DOP Product Brochure link:

odop product brochure linkodop product brochure link


Grievance redressal: 

  • District Administration is conducting a Grievance Redressal Programme i.e., SPANDANA on every Monday (Both on-line & off-line) at the District Head Quarters and Divisional level to redress all problems/issues being faced by the Handloom Weavers including One District One Product.
  • In that Programme District Handlooms and Textiles Officer, Sri Sathya Sai District will also participate and obtain grievances from Handloom Weavers to redress in time.
  • Grievance Redressal Officer is District Handlooms and Textiles Officer, Sri Sathyasai District.
  • It is submitted that during the year 2023-24, 19 Spandana Grievances were received and redressed by the District Handlooms and Textiles Officer and also uploaded in Spandana Portal.
  • Website link:

Export Policy

Government of Andhra Pradesh introduced “Andhra Pradesh Export Promotion (APEX) Policy 2022-27” to establish Andhra Pradesh as a leading export hub in the country through development of world class logistics and export infrastructure, promotion of high-quality product portfolio, enabling robust export-oriented institutions and creating integrated export ecosystems from districts to ports. The policy document is given below in the link  

Help Line Number:



Sri S.Chand Basha



General Manager, District Industries Centre(DIC), Sri Sathyasai District.



   70131 41544



Deena Janoddarana Buildings, Near Westgate, Puttaparthy,   Sri Sathyasai    District.

Upcoming Events:

Tentative Dates & Place   
Cluster   Awareness   
09.07.2024    at Somandepalli   
ODOP   Awareness   
19.07.2024  at Dharmavaram   
Buyer   Seller Meet   
16.10.2024 & 17.10.2024 at Dharmavaram   
20.11.2024 to  26.11.2024  at Puttaparthy   
National   Handloom Day   
07.08.2024  at  Puttaparthy   

List of authorized suppliers of ODOP Product:

S.No Name   Organization Organization   type No. of Members   of organization Organization   address Contact   information
1 Sri   Nataraj SWCS Ltd Regdno.247, Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 20 Kothapeta,   Dharmavaram G.Obulesu,   Cell No. 6304431181
2 Lakshmikala   Cotton & Silk WCS, ARS No.297,Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 25 #7/280/1,   Geethanagar, Dharmavaram D.   Kodandapani, Cell No. 9703099944
3 Sudarshana Silk WCS, ARS No.203, Dharmavaram,   D.No:13-61, Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 10 Indira   Nagar, Dharamvaram V.Jayanna,   Cell No. 9052852161
4 Panduranga Silk WCS, O.W.No.40, D.No:15-529, PRT   Street, Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 21 PRT   Street, Dharamvaram N.Venkatesulu   Cell No. 9848414222
5 Lokeswari Silk WCS, O.W.No.206, Kothapeta,   Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 22 Kothapeta,   Dharmavaram Ramakrishna, Contact No.9493896718
6 Sri   Ramadevi CSWCS Ltd., O.W.No.73, Rajendra Nagar, Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 19 Rajendra   Nagar, Dharmavaram M.Mallikarjuna,   contact No. 9985162177
7 Muralikrishna Silk WCS, ARS No.213, PRT   Street,Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 21 Gandhinagar,   Dharmavaram S.   Nagaraju , Contact No. 9581111810
8 Lakshmi   Venkateswara SWCS, O.W.No.48, Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 25 Thogata   Street, Dharmavaram G.Ranganayakulu,   Contact No.8143893682
9 Akkamma   gari SWCS .ARS No:282,Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 24 Nesepeta,   Dharamvaram G.Radhakrishna,   Contact No. 8555865342 & 9440384626
10 Nandini Silk WCS,OW No.41, Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 21 PRT   Street, Dharamvaram V.   Ramu Cell No.994962866
11 Lakshmidevi Silk WCS, ARS no.243, D.No:28-860,Rajendra   Nagar,Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 25 Rajendra   Nagar, Dharmavaram D.   Venkata Narayana Cell No. 8500591991
12 The   Gandhi Nagar SWCS, OW No.26,Gandhi Nagar, D.No:8-174 , GandhiNagar,   Dharmavaram Cooperative   Society 20 GandhiNagar,   Dharmavaram K.Sreenivasulu   cell No.9246989077
13 Sunitha   Handloom Enterprenuer Handloom   Enterprenuer 30 BC   Colony, Pothukunta, Dharmavaram Guditi   Mahesh Cell   No.9440944232
14 Sri   Janaki Handloom Enterprenuer Handloom   Enterprenuer 30 BC   Colony, Pothukunta, Dharmavaram G.Trinath    Cell No. 9398826263
15 Lakshmivenkateswara   Enterprenuer Handloom   Enterprenuer 30 Near Municipal Office,Dharmavaram G.Eswarayya Cell   No.9440926496
16 Sri   vamsi Krishna Handloom Silk Sarees Handloom   Enterprenuer 30 Indiramma Colony oppisite, Dharamvaram Vamsikrishna,   Cell No.9550887716 Mail id:

Identified testing labs:

  1. The Regional Silk Technology Research Station, Dharmavaram, a Regional Institute of the Central Silk Technology Research Institute (CSTRI), Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India is providing Testing services in the areas of physical, chemical and eco-parameters on nominal charge basis.

Testing Activities:

  • Silk Purity Test: Purity of silk i.e. 100% silk yarn, mixed yarn
  • Denier test: Denier variation in the yarn
  • All Test:Long term, medium-term, short-term variation, strength & Elongation, cohesion no of defects, neatness, evenness of the yarn.




                                                                                                                  Central Silk Technological Research Institute, Dharmavaram




  1. Textiles Committee is offering regulatory and nonregulatory testing services to trade and industry through its 17 laboratories including 9 eco-laboratories besides engaged in R & D activities and development of test methods. Textiles Committee has been actively participating in various committees of Bureau of India Standard (BIS) in formulation of test standards. With the advent of new technologies, Textiles Committee has implemented and extended the services of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to its valued customers. LIMS is a computer-based solution providing, streamlined workflow automation and management in the laboratory. Textiles Committee’s 14 laboratories have been accredited with ISO 17025 by NABL and extending its valuable consultancy to set up test houses to stakeholders.


extile committee chennai


                                                                       Textile Committee, Chennai is providing sample Testing services to Dharmavaram Silk Sarees


                                                                                                                        QR Code for Details about the Product 


                                                                                                                      QR Code of the Dharmavaram Silk Sarees