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The original name of Puttaparthy was Gollapalli which is situated on the banks of Chitravathi River. The entire area was covered with anthills with snake pits. Gollapalli thus became Puttapalli (village of anthills) and in due course Puttaparthy. Puttaparthy is now adored all over the world as the birthplace of the Avatar of the Age, Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba. Prasanthi Nilayam, the Highest Abode of Peace was constructed in 1950 by the dedicated and loving devotees of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba, a new movement itself for the regeneration of human society. This tiny village has now grown into a full-fledged township with all modern amenities that would suit a fast growing
population of multinational texture including Airport. Previously Puttaparthy town in Kadiri division is a part of Ananthapuramu
District. The Ananthapuramu district was formed in the year 1882 duly separated from Bellary district of Karnataka state. Later on, it was expanded with the addition of Kadiri, Mudigubba, Nallamada, N.P.Kunta, Talupula, Nallacheruvu, O.D.Cheruvu, Tanakal, Amadagur and Gandlapenta (previous Kadiri Taluk) Revenue mandals from Y.S.R Kadapa District in the year 1910. Th e th en District Ananthapuramu had
been divided into 5 Revenue Divisions consists of 63 Revenue Mandals (Ananthapuramu Division-19, Dharmavaram Division-8 and Penukonda Division-13, Kadiri Division-12, Kalyandurgam Division-11). As per the Gazette notification No.154 dt 01.02.2022 (G.O.Rt.No.69,
Revenue (Land-IV), 1st February, 2022), Sri Satya Sai District Head quarter at Puttaparthy is formed with 3 Revenue divisions consisting of 29 Mandals (Kadiri Division- 8, Penukonda Division – 13, Puttaparthy (New Division-8 mandals i.e. 4 mandals from Dharmavaram Division and 4 mandals from Kadiri Division).


Sri Satya Sai District (Puttaparthy) lies between 13° -40’ and 14°- 6’ Northern  Latitude and 76°-88’ and 78°-30’ Eastern Longitude. The district is bounded on North by Ananthapuramu District, on the East by YSR Kadapa District & Chittoor Distrct and on West and South West by Karnataka State. The District has been divided to 2 Natural Divisions. They are 1) Northern Mandals of Dharmavaram, Bathalapalli, Tadimarri, Mudigubba are mainly made up of arid treeless, expense of poor red soils (2) High Level Land of Penukonda, Roddam,
Somandepalli, Hindupur, Lepakshi, Chilamathur, Madakasira, Rolla, Gudibanda and Agali which connects with Mysore plateau at higher elevation of the rest of the District. This part has average sandy red soils of normal productivity.