Places of Interest



The village is situated at a distance of 14 kms from Hindupur Town in Lepakshi Mandal. This place is a famous pilgrim center known for its Veerabhadra Temple and the huge stone” NANDI” which stands nearby. The place is also associated with the travellers of Lord Sri Ram. The Temple is veritable treasure of sculpture and architecture. Large number of pilgrims visit the place on “SHIVARATHRI” and other saivite festival days.



thimmama marimanu-


This place is about 21 kms. South-East of Kadiri. There is a Banyan Tree, perhaps the biggest of its kind in the South, its branches spreading over nearly 5 acres, locally called “Thimmamma Marrimanu” after the name of Thimmamma, who is said to have committed ” Sati” in 1434 A.D at this spot, where this Banyan Tree sprouted.





This village is on the banks of Chitravathi situated at a distance of about 29 kms. from Penukonda. It is the abode of Puttaparthy Sri Sathya Sai Baba, drawing devoted disciples from all over the world. There is Prasanthi Nilayam (an Ashram) constructed by the Devotees. The Baba is credited with acute powers. On Sivarathri, on the birth day of the Baba and particularly during Dasara, quite a large number of devotees visit the palce. A beautiful mantapa by name” Poornachandra” is constructed in which a large number of Baba devotees would assemble and perform “Bhajana” on festival days.



Penukonda fort Gagan Mahal


Penukonda is one of the early capitals of the Vijayanagara empire, the fort was impregnable during its time. The two most noteworthy sights in the fort are the “Gagan Mahal” the Summer resort of the kings and “Babayya Darga” a splendid example for communal hormony. Here Kumbakarna garden was spread over 5 acres. It has a Gigantic statue of the sleeping Kumbakarna, measuring 142 feet in length and 32 feet in height into whose cavernos belly one can walk into it. Several asuras are seen trying to wake up the sleeping Gaint.





Hemavathi is located at a distance of 140kms from Anantapur. It is famous for Doddeswara Swamy temple built during the Pallava Reign. The stone used in making the idols sounds like metal when stuck and is also remarkably polished. A Nandi made of black basalt granite, 8 feet in lenght and 4 feet in height sits at the entrance. There is a 6 feet tall Lingam installed inside the sanctum sanctorum. The temple area houses two other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva called the Siddeswara Swamy temple and Mallikarjuna Swamy temple. There is a Museum in side which has rare idols of historical importance of display.



dharmavarm silks-


Sri Laxmi Chennakeshwara Temple is renowned for its architectural brilliance and for the perennial waterspout and pillars, which produces seven different musical notes when struck. Dharmavaram is also known for its cotton and silk weaving industry with its silk sarees popular all over the world. This place is also known for its expertise in making leather puppets.



kadiri temple

Sri Kadiri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Kadiri is the holy shrine where Lord Vishnu set foot and handed over the Utsavamoorthis to Brugu Maharshi for his daily worship. Special Poojas are performed during Dassera and Sakranthi. There are several sacred thirthas connected to the Temple.





Chaitanya Jyoti Museum,One of the most beautiful structures in Ashram, is the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum, which houses all stories and incidents of the life of Sai Baba, all the way from his early childhood. The visitors are introduced to the godliness and divinity of Sai Baba through multimedia presentations and more. The structure too, is a specimen of fine architecture and design which combines Chinese roofs, Moorish Spires, Gothic arches and Japanese and Thai styles. The museum was designed by a NASA scientist, Art-ong Jum Sai.The main attraction of this city, the holy abode of Sathya Sai Baba is known as ‘Prashanti Nilayam’, literally translates into ‘the abode of peace’. The ashram has been pulling visitors since ages and does so through out the year emblematizing one of the most unique and renowned religious organizations in the world, making the town a significant spiritual centre.In the ashram one finds sprawling and beautiful educational institutions, stadiums, museums, hospitals and all the modern facilities that appeal to all visitors.Being a massive and elaborate complex, it holds a capacity of accommodating thousands of people at a time. There are also a set of rules and regulations which have been laid down and need to be respected and followed by the devotees.The most discernible part of this ashram is the assembly hall where Sathya Sai Baba gives his Darshan to the devotees. A beauteous contour, it has recreated history by the turnover of devotees on the eve of Sai baba’s birthday. A composed, soothing and placid semblance makes this ashram the highlight of the town.One cannot miss this active, sprawling and elaborate religious centre, with almost a city of its own inside, while in Puttaparthi. Experience here, devotion and spirituality in motion as they take form and shape of working institutions and organizations.



The shadow form of puppetry locally called Tholu Bommalata, meaning dance of leather puppets (tholu – leather, bommalata – puppet dance) is widely practiced in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
The puppets are brightly coloured and are made out of goat skin. These leather puppets are about 5-6 ft. in height and have joints at shoulders, elbows, knees and sometimes also the waist, neck and ankles. Traditionally, vegetable dyes are used for colouring the puppets. However, now-a-days chemical dyes which are easily available are also used for colouring the puppets. Perforations are made wherever required on the puppet figure and eyes are painted last. A slim bamboo stick is tied to the puppet which keeps it vertically straight. The puppets are pressed slightly against white screen and manipulated. The audience see the shadow or image. The themes of the play are based on episodes from Ramayana, Mahabaratha or Krishna legend.

Yogi Vemana Samadhi

Yogi VemanaSamadhi

Kattarupalli attracts a lot of pilgrims as it is very famous for the Yogi VemanaSamadhi situated 25 kms from Kadiri enroute Thimmama Marimanu. The journey to this place offers spectacular views of rock formations of various shapes. Yogi Vemana is widely known as people’s poet as the Telugu poems written by him are simple and colloquial, narrating the truths of ones day to day life and social evils which are very popular among the literates and illiterates. His poems describe the subjects of Yoga, wisdom and morality. Vemana being a poet was known as the ‘Praja Kavi’, meaning ‘The Poet of the People