Animal Husbandry

About Your Department Details and Activites

Animal Husbandry Department helps in the proper management of animals by providing proper food, shelter and protection against diseases to domestic animals. It provides employment to a large number of farmer and thereby increases their living standards. It helps in developing high yielding breeds of animals by cross breeding. Animal Husbandry Department helps in increasing the production of Milk, Meat and Egg there by increasing the GDP of the District.

Main Activities of The department includes:

Preventive health Care by undertaking Vaccinations, Deworming of animals. Curative health care by treating ailing animals with diseases.

Providing Artificial Insemination to the doorstep of the farmers for improving the breed characterstics thereby improving the milk yield of the District

conducting Castrations to the Male animals for reducing the unwanted Non-Descriptive breeds.

Deworming of Sheep & Goat for 3 times a year for reducing the worm burden in the animals and thereby increasing the Meat production of the District.

Preventive Vaccinations to the Poultry against deadly diseases like RD and Fowlpox , thereby helping in increase of Egg Production and Meat production

Conducting of Pashuvignanabadi for the farmers at RBK level for creating awarness among farmers on latest technologies to be implemented

Supply of inputs like Chaff cutters, Total Mixed Ration, Feed, Mineral Mixture etc at the RBK level for easy avaialability to the farmers.

Making availability of Rajanna Pashuvaidyam at the RBK level with the help of Animal Husbandry Assistants employed at Village Secretariat level

Promoting Organic Dairy Farming at the field level for promoting Desi Cows for production of A2 Milk with the formation of FPOs

Promoting Community Hiring Centers where the Animal Husbandry Equipment like Chaff cutter, Milking Machine, Brush Cutter e.t.c, are made avaialble for rent purpose to the farmers at nominal cost.

Promoting Fodder development activities with the help of MGNREGs.

Regular conduct of Animal Health Camps for reducing the disease problems and breeding problems.

Reaching the Farmer Door step with the help of Rythu Barosa Kendras.